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By loving milky burps, Jan 4 2014 10:00AM

its an amazing experience having a newborn, and not least when it comes to feeding. Whilst us grown-ups are typically adept at 'burping to order (especially the boys in our household), babies need a little help, and sometimes alot of help to raise those magical windy pops out of their tummies.

now sometimes I know that is easier said than done, so here are some links we've found useful over the years, as well as ones we just think are interesting!

having had our first babe, we thought we had mastered the fine art of recognising and alleviating those burps, that is until number two came along, where acid reflux was no joy for him at all, so positioning and technique became even more important not just when breast feeding, but also winding and positioning to sleep.

hope you find the links useful and if you have any snippets of brilliance you would like to share, please email us on milkyburps@splash-handi.co.uk

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