are you a mummy who just loves splash-handi

British made baby gifts?

becoming a mummy or daddy advocate - talk to the elves.....


We love it when mummys (and daddy's!) fall in love with our splash-handi's.


Are you enthusiastic about how they work, do you find yourself popping one on your hand whilst chatting with friends and start rotating it without thinking?  That's a sure sign you're ready to spread the love of #lovingmilkyburps


So what does it involve? Well we know how precious time is with a little one, so want you to put in as little or as much time as you are happy to do.


You may have already found that when you are out and about and using a Splash-Handi's, they get attention and & people want to know where they can get one.



There are no sales targets and no pressure,  Splash-Handi's are affordable burp cloths and we offer commission on direct selling. You can work at your own pace, around your normal daily routine.


Do I need sales experience?

Thats a good question! No is the answer, all we ask is that you are passionate about our baby burp cloths and are happy, enthusiastic, friendly and sociable.


We will supply you with a small stock of samples along with flyers with space to put your details on to help promote your sales. You will then get a percentage from each sale.



In the first instance please email  sales@splash-handi.co.uk and we will aim to reply within 3 days.


Alternatively please call +44 (0)843 289 3894

coming soon - we are nearly ready, email us if you would like to know more.. hello@splash-handi.co.uk