Our Story

We love what we do

Without a doubt we want to share our love of the milky burp experience., I cherish my memories of breastfeeding my boys and know it wasnt always easy.   Hubby and I remember how overwhelming it was at times.  We were given wonderful support by Sue, an NCT trained breastfeeding counsellor and had super help from our local breastfeeding group.


Do you have a story to tell about your experiences of all things baby feeding, whether by breast or bottle?   we would love to here from you: email  hello@splash-handi.co.uk

The essence of what were to become Splash-Handi burp cloths, started during those wonderful days and nights of breastfeeding our firstborn.  Such precious times, but as a new mum I found traditional burp cloths just didn't do the job as well as I thought they could.


Often the muslin burp cloths became soaked too quickly and I was forever dropping them, as well as missing those unexpected milky burps!


Feeding in the early hours of the morning my mind raced with ideas to help solve these problems and I started to play around with fabrics and shapes.  I have always loved fabrics and making things, mum taught me how to make clothes from an early age and I 've worked in the clothing industry for more years than I can count on my fingers and toes.


After testing out a number of different versions at breastfeeding and mum and baby groups, I came up with the perfect shape, size and fabric combination. As co-chair of the Manchester Inventors Group I knew this could be something I could patent and I'm proud to say I've been awarded a patent.  


Passionate about hand made, and wanting to source from the UK, I then went on the search for fabrics made in the UK (no mean task for those who know).  It took a while but our cotton based components and our packaging are proudly manufactured in the UK and all components are sourced from the UK.


We founded the company in 2012 and customers were asking could we personalise and so we offer embroidery to make what is already a burp cloth with a difference into a true keepsake.  


We are also able to create bespoke Splash-Handi's for those who love to go the extra mile.